Packing Facility

Finnegan’s packing facility has a range of the latest technology packing machines in place. Their state of the art grading, weighing, cleaning and polishing machines are regularly serviced and kept perfectly maintained. Paul and Joe, along with their team of agronomists, take great pride in the care of their produce. Whether it’s Joe monitoring the crops in the ground, or Paul standing on the grading table, their produce is recorded and tested along every step of its journey.

As 5th generation potato farmers, Finnegan’s have the knowledge and expertise to grow many different varieties of vegetables, providing the consumer with gourmet eating qualities such as excellent flavours, textures, colours, shapes and of course a taste of history.

From planting to packing, Finnegan’s produce is carefully guided through the line to arrive to your supermarket with all the freshness of the field.

From our farm gate to
Your dinner plate, we
Guarantee you
“Power on a Plate!”