Growing Vegetables

5 Generations of Knowledge

Experience is key in Finnegan’s. 5 Generations of knowledge have made the Finnegan empire the success it is today.  Along with nutrient rich soil and favorable growing conditions, Finnegan’s commitment, passion and expertise in growing vegetables result in the highest standards of produce. Their specialised team specifically designated in the planting, care and digging of potatoes are experts in their (potato) field.

As potatoes are the backbone of the business, Finnegan’s travel the roads of 6 different counties in Leinster to source the best land available for their 500 acre crop.

From planting to packing, Finnegan’s produce is carefully guided through the line to arrive to your supermarket with all the freshness of the field.

From our farm gate to
Your dinner plate, we
Guarantee you
“Power on a Plate!”